Aperitivo and Bitter

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It is the result of a fine craft infusion of mandarin, lemon, gentian and other spices.
Its flavours and colours conjure up the ambience of the fabulous 1950’s. Best enjoyed in good company at sundown.


Mandarin, lemon, gentian, rhubarb.

VOL 15% | CL 70

Our ingredients are primarily Italian in origin with the exception of certain essential fine exotic spices. Naturally coloured, it releases intense aromas of fresh citrus, sage and flowers with a hint of gentian and other delicately bitter herbs. Intense with long-lasting flavours, well-balanced alcohol and a delicately bitter aftertaste.


5 cl Aperitivo Del Professore, 10 cl prosecco, cold soda at taste.

Prepare in a Collins glass with ice and garnish with a slice of orange.



To obtain its fine flavour, we treat the Bitter Del Professore ingredients with the greatest of care. A fresh bitter orange peel infusion, hand-cleaned wild gentian, the pink heart of sweet rhubarb from the Lanzo and Soana valleys: these are just a few examples of the work carried out with great care and dedication.


Orange, gentian, juniper, cinnamon, rhubarb and cascarilla.

VOL 25% | CL 70

An exclusive recipe and great craftsmanship make for a unique spirit with a totally natural ruby red colour and juniper, cinnamon and other spice aromas. The typical flavours of citrus, cascarilla, rhubarb and gentian come through on the palate.


4 cl Bitter Del Professore,  15 cl fresh orange juice.

Serve in an ice-filled Collins glass and garnish with a slice of orange.

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